Direct Action

Friends of the Earth believes that one of the most effective and inclusive avenues for social change is through non-violent direct action (NVDA).

Put simply, NVDA is any action that attempts to engage people in enacting the change they wish to see in the world. NVDA can be organising a community event like a street party, planting a vegetable garden in an abandoned plot and protecting it by disabling a bulldozer. NVDA can be occupying empty buildings to house the homeless, taking over government offices in protest or blockading coal infrastructure. In our society, where decision-making is still largely centred in the hands of the political and business elite, industry representatives gain privileged lobbying access to government while some community groups are unable to make their voices heard even to their elected representatives. With these systemic inequalities, NVDA is a way of bypassing such avenues of community engagement and recognising our own power in creating positive and lasting change.

As a method of social change, NVDA has a long and rich history. It has played a central role in illuminating injustices and creating change all across the globe; from colonial India and apartheid in South Africa, to the Jabiluka blockades in the Northern Territory. NVDA remains a strategic and powerful method of change today and Friends of the Earth considers widespread and sustained community action central to transforming society. Direct action is a powerful, strategic and relevant way to create positive and lasting change. Be part of the solution, take action now.

Come along to an Introduction night to hear how Friends of the Earth Brisbane uses non-violent direct action in its many campaigns and projects.