What we do - Our campaigns

6 Degrees: Coal and CSG

The Six Degrees campaign works with communities and groups across the state to reduce Queensland’s dependence on the coal industry, and to ensure a just and measured transition to a safe climate future.

We are working towards the creation of an ecologically sustainable and socially just society through community action.

Protecting A nuclear-free Clean Environment 

The Protecting A nuclear-free Clean Environment (PACE) campaign has been operating in Brisbane for the last 40 years in various guises.

Protecting A nuclear-free Clean Environment advocates for a clean environment and against the nuclear industry including: opposing the environmental impacts of uranium mining, nuclear energy, food irradiation and promoting renewable clean energy.

Climate Frontlines

The Climate Frontlines campaign and the sub-group, Friends of Tulele Peisa, are focused on those at the frontlines of climate change in the Pacific. 

In particular, the Climate Frontlines Collective raises awareness and funds for people in the low-lying Pacific nations of Kiribati and Tuvalu who are being forced to leave their their communities due to climate change. These island communities are already being displaced by rising sea levels.