How we operate

Friends of the Earth Brisbane develops and delivers environmental campaigns focused on local, regional, state and national issues. Our existing campaigns exist because of the passion and interest of volunteers and members. New campaigns are developed through interest of those participating. Friends of the Earth Brisbane's existing interest in climate change, stopping and closing down dirty coal and gas projects, and closing down Australia's nuclear industry is driven by those volunteers and members seeking social change. 

Friends of the Earth welcomes the development of new environmental campaigns, be it campaigns related to climate change, energy transformation, protection of our natural environment, protection of wildlife and water resources.

Friends of the Earth Brisbane uses a consensus decision making model, meaning all Active Members are able to participate in the decision making of the organisation. Consensus is the idea that ideally the group is best served if all members of a group agree to a given course action.

We believe this is a real credit to our organisation as it is an empowering method which allows full participation my our members. In practice this means that we meet regularly (weekly and monthly) to discuss and plan on issues important to our organisation. At these meetings all Active Members are able to contribute to the discussion and to participate in the final decision making process. A decision must be agreed upon by all participants before being approved, however abstaining from the decision is allowed.