Can you believe it!! The Mater Hospital South Brisbane burns coal onsite for energy

Friends of the Earth Brisbane is proud to announce our new campaign to shut down another dirty coal burner in Queensland. Following on from our Dec 2023 campaign win that stopped a 1400 MW coal fired power station being approved, we have turned our sites to a dirty secret the Mater Hospital has kept hidden for over 90 years, to stop the Mater Hospital burning coal in the heart of Brisbane city.

The Mater Hospital South Brisbane (Mater Hospital) is one of Brisbane’s first and oldest hospitals. The Mater Hospital opened on the 8th August 1910 and has served Brisbane’s residents and Queenslanders, providing world class health care services. However, since this time or at least from 1930, the Mater Hospital burns coal for energy, and continues to do so today. 

Mater your coal emissions matter:

  • In the year 2021-2022 the Mater Hospital released 13,100 tonnes Scope 1 (t CO2-e) of climate wrecking carbon pollution into the atmosphere. Friends of the Earth believes 96 plus years of burning coal and polluting the environment is long enough, and it's time to shut the coal burner down. 
  • The Mater Hospital’s dirty energy supply also releases poisonous airborne contaminants into the local air-shed, including the very close suburbs such as: South Brisbane, West End, Highgate Hill, Woolloongabba, Dutton Park, East Brisbane and beyond. 

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